Customer satisfaction is key to our success. With quality and safety from the top down as our philosophy, XCEL realizes we are only as good as our prior job. An honest, upfront approach to every service delivered is the XCEL promise! Committed to delivering the right solution for a specific issue, XCEL offers a unique blend of services to a diverse client base.


XCEL provides NDT and Inspection services, as well as NDT Level III services to number of piping and vessel fabrication facilities. We understand the ASME rules and perform our work in accordance with Code compliant procedures using fully qualified and certified personnel.

XCEL Safety Division provides on-site safety inspectors to identify hazardous conditions at your facility. Fabrication sites require constant monitoring and observations to keep ahead of safety issues. These inspections include PPE, consistent training, establishing a culture of workplace safety, and ensuring each machine is still equipped with its safety guards.

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Safety and equipment reliability are essential elements of an efficient mining operation. While distinctly separate programs they are intricately linked. Our NDT and Inspection services can provide valuable information about your assets as well critical testing during maintenance, repair and construction activities. XCEL Safety Division can provide personnel, program audits and management to maintain compliance with industry regulations.

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The Petro-Chemical industry probably utilizes the broadest variety of NDT and Inspection services of any industry. Corrosion investigation, mechanical integrity, construction, maintenance, and repair all require inspection and/or testing to provide information to engineers or meet Code requirements. XCEL Safety Division offers professional safety services to include:

  • Conducting Safety meetings,
  • OSHA compliant training,
  • Safe driving,
  • Site personnel for outages or daily needs
  • Site safety audits,
  • Document preparation, manuals, procedures, checklists and document management
  • Electronic program management through our exclusive ARC and Safety Manager software

The services offered complement each other and contribute to the overall compliance effort of our clients.

Pipeline radiography has long been a mainstay for XCEL personnel; we have a long history of successful projects. We also provide PHMSA driven pipeline integrity services to include direct assessment, GWUT, and supporting NDT. Our experience NDT Level III personnel can provide 3rd party oversight and auditing of NDT services to include radiographic film/digital image review, conflict resolution, and personnel qualification verification.

XCEL Safety Division offers a wide range of services to our pipeline clients, all designed to provide the support needed for safe, efficient, quality oriented construction, maintenance and operation of their assets.

XCEL has extensive experience dealing with the Pulp & Paper industry and the unique challenges associated with the various processes and equipment. Safety support during outages identifying the hazardous due to massive weights and falling, rolling, and/or sliding pulpwood loads. Workers may be struck or crushed by loads or suffer lacerations from the misuse of equipment, particularly when machines are used improperly or without proper safeguards. XCEL provides a Mechanical Integrity program implementation and management, outage planning, NDT and inspection and NDT consulting/support is available to our Pulp & Paper clients wishing to find a partner in compliance.

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XCEL Rail Division has a state-of-the-art valve shop as well as Mobile Repair Units. We are a Metso authorized repair shop and have technicians/inspectors with extensive industry experience.

We are an AAR C5 and C6r certified facility with certified personnel that perform valve inspection, repair, rebuild, Leak Testing, Visual Testing and Penetrant Testing as required.

All NDT personnel are trained by our own in-house NDT Level III. Our Level III personnel can provide NDT training at our Longview, TX facility or your location. Our personnel holds Level III certifications in Radiographic, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic, Visual, Eddy Current and Leak Testing. We provide a valuable service to our clients through assisting with facility certification, consulting, procedure development, compliance training and auditing.

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XCEL provides NDT and inspection services to support new construction as well as outage maintenance and routine maintenance to our Power/Generation clients. Advanced services can provide Phased Array examination of new piping/vessel/boiler welds, and RTR/DR of existing systems for corrosion investigation. Specialized inspections such as IGSCC, FAC, high-energy piping and other power/gen specific applications such as tubing, turbines, balance of plant, call XCEL today to discuss your NDT needs.

Our Safety group can help you achieve your standards by providing:

  • Outage support personnel - Site safety specialists, auditors, attendants
  • Training - Site specific, OSHA, MSHA
  • Program management - Manuals, audits, documentation

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