ZERO daily injury and accident record is our proof!

XCEL Health & Safety Policy Statement

Safety is the foundation of our company. It is more than just a value, it is woven into every aspect of XCEL's services and compliance programs. We will not compromise this core belief at any time.

At XCEL, our standard for safety will always exceed industry, state, and federal compliance. We continuously review our policies, evaluate our procedures, and reward our employees to ensure our company is a beacon for our industry.

We are committed to:

- Zero daily injuries and accidents

- Empowering our employees through continual training, open communication, and respect

- Rewarding employee recommendations and ideas through a Six Sigma Validation program

- 100% compliance with contractor policies

- Striving to maintain our current status of zero incidents and injuries through a Root-Cause Identification program for all near-misses

Our health and safety policies are the foundation of our company. Our management team demands and demonstrates safety with every service performed. In addition to new employee training, monthly safety meetings, and random on-site safety audits, our safety program is an ongoing process that XCEL will continually strive to improve.

“No matter what a person chooses to do for a career, none of it matters if they are not able to go home safely to their family and friends.”

Cole Morehead, XCEL President

“Asking me to overlook a simple safety violation would be asking me to compromise my entire attitude toward the value of your life.”

Mark Nordell, XCEL Health & Safety Manager