In order to achieve success for our business, our employees, and their families, we must embrace our core values daily, and effectively conduct our business with these values guiding our actions.


Safety is our number one priority! Every activity must ensure the Safety of our employees, clients, and the public, while minimizing our impact on the environment.


We are in the Quality and Compliance business and we take that very seriously. We instill and demand quality in all of our activities.


Integrity is essential to our business. As the examiner of items or equipment, evaluator of a safety program or qualifying railcar service equipment, we have a responsibility to deliver consistent, truthful results...every time. We must act with integrity at all times, regardless of the situation.


It is true that respect must be earned. It is our sincere desire that we not only earn a position of respect in our industry as a company, but that we build respect in our relationships as individuals with our clients, between our employees and in our communities where we live and work.

"Delivering Solutions with Integrity" is not just our ‘marketing tag line’, it is the company standard and every employee is committed to this action.

  • Safety is the number one priority! All incidents are preventable with awareness, proper planning, and training.

  • Utilizing the best balance of trained personnel, equipment and services benefits our clients through efficiency and quality

  • Being a source of knowledge for our clients is one of our most important services. When you need answers, you need an expert. Regulations, codes, standards and other governing requirements can be confusing. We make it our business to provide knowledgeable, impartial interpretations and guidance.

  • When a group of like-minded individuals comes together that share a passion for what they do, the result is special. The family environment that has resulted makes XCEL a special place to work and a powerful force in our industries.

Our quest for excellence drives us every day. This journey of serving, learning, and improving every day motivates us! This recipe for success is solid and we are 100% committed!


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