Need ADDITIONAL staff for a big project? Interested in having an employee trained as your 'competent person'? Feeling like your staff meetings are unproductive? XCEL can help!

Facility outages, large construction projects and similar activities can place a strain on the resources of any safety department. Let XCEL supplement or manage all or part of your Safety staffing.

Done properly, Safety meetings can have a significant impact on your employee's safety performance. Often, the message seems better received from an outside safety professional than the in-house safety representative. Or, sometimes you just can't be in three places at once. Contact XCEL to assist in providing required Safety meetings to your personnel at your facility, in the field or at our facility. Call today!

The rules are very specific when it comes to having a competent person to perform or confirm certain activities. Trenching & Shoring or Scaffolding, to name a few, all require a competent person to verify compliance with the regulations. Call XCEL today to schedule a Competent Person for your project.

XCEL offers fully prepared and trained confined space standby rescue personnel in case of a CSE emergency.

Call XCEL today to discuss your rescue team needs.

XCEL can provide personnel to audit your jobsite, your safety program, your facility or provide other valuable insight and direction regarding the compliance and efficiency of your safety program, systems or manual.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for workers. As the employer, you have to consider the hazards your employees will or may encounter. You are in a position to prevent unsafe work practices and correct unsafe work habits. Often it is necessary to augment your staff and strengthen your efforts with trained safety professionals. For example, you may need to provide Onsite Safety Personnel, Safety Meetings, Competent Person, Confined Space Rescue or you may need Auditing/Consulting. XCEL can provide safety professionals to fill your specific needs.


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