Mike Davis

Q & A with Mike Davis

Mike Davis was the 7th XCEL NDT employee.  In the earlier, more intimate, and ‘balls to the wall’ years, Mike got the privilege of reporting directly to Cole Morehead.  “My leadership philosophy was grown through working with Cole Morehead.  I have never had a better boss,” Davis said.  Mike felt like he had always had a strong work ethic, but watching your boss work so hard was a sight to see most days.  It really has had an impact on me.  Below is more insight into Mike Davis, XCEL NDT Inglewood Office Manager.

Question – How is the industry changing and what is XCEL NDT doing to keep up with the changes?

Mike – The industry is changing daily.  Whether it is the code books being revised, new amendments added to code books for further inspection, more accurate inspections, or the ever-changing technology; a company has to have a game plan to keep up.  XCEL NDT combats this challenge with continuous in-house training.  Specifying a person to read and understand code books and put them in terms that fellow employees can understand and utilize daily is one solution.  Regarding equipment, in-house personnel tackle the hands on training and learn the capabilities of the equipment so that they can share the information with the rest of the company where it can be utilized most efficiently.

Question – What is your biggest challenge as a mgr at XCEL NDT?

Mike – My biggest challenge is being able to keep an employee to employee relationship verses just an employee to manager relationship.  Good managers are able to maintain this balance – maintain both a healthy relationship as the leader, friend, employee, and all while doing the same thing with their customers.

As a manager, I strive to display my work ethic through my actions. 

Question – What’s your leadership philosophy?

Mike – Being a leader is more than just being a boss or giving orders.  My leadership style is how I personally would make decisions. My decision-making process is the same for both myself and my employees.  I wouldn’t send a guy out to do a job on something I personally wouldn’t do or don’t know how to do.  I want to lead by example.

I believe in earning respect of my employees and peers.  I have always been a leader.  If something is new, interesting, and challenging, I would rather do it first hand so I know what it is and share what I have learned.

Question – Outside of work, what are your interests/hobbies?

Mike – I am an outdoorsman.  I grew up fishing and as I got a little older, I starting hunting.  Many of the vacations I take are for fishing tournaments or fishing in general.  During colder months, I enjoy hunting. 

Family time is another very important thing to me with the demanding industry we are in.  I enjoy just relaxing and spending time with family.

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