Mark Nordell

Q & A with Mark Nordell

Mark Nordell is XCEL NDT’s Health and Safety Manager.  All of Mark’s professions have had one common theme – safety and protection.  From serving in the US Navy to law enforcement / emergency services to Environmental Health and Safety, Mark has a quote that he lives by, “Asking me to overlook a simple safety violation would be asking me to compromise my entire attitude toward the value of your life.”.

Question – What is one thing that XCEL NDT can do to help solve our client’s biggest challenges?

Mark – To communicate the vast knowledge this company has from its employees. We have employees with many years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the NDT field. When that knowledge is combined with the work ethic of XCEL, there’s not going to be many challenges that we can’t solve.

Question – What is your favorite part about your job?

Mark – The people I work with and around every day. It’s like no other place I’ve been before.

Question – Going back to all jobs you have had in (or outside) the industry, what experience stands out the most?

Mark – Horrific tragic events stand out vividly in my mind.  I have dedicated my career and life to trying to prevent bad things from happening.  I am very passionate about health and safety.

Question – Outside of work, what are your interests/hobbies?

Mark – Simple, my family and all things related to their life and activities.

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