Visual inspection is the foundation of NDT. Techniques include Direct visual, Remote visual, and Translucent viewing. Call us to discuss your visual testing needs!

Visually inspecting a part for surface imperfections is typically the first step in any examination process. Basic direct visual examination is the most elemental and cost effective inspection method when utilized properly. Remote visual systems such as video probes and camera crawlers allow visual examination in areas not normally accessible. Translucent viewing is used to examine non-metallics such as fiber reinforced plastic tanks and piping.

XCEL has personnel certified as AWS-Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), AWS Senior CWI, and ASNT VT Level III. VT applications include but are not limited to:

  • AWS-CWI/SCWI - welder qualification, weld inspection

  • Mechanical Measurement - evaluation of surface conditions or dimensions using precision measuring instruments

  • Condition assessment - Inspection to detect corrosion, distortion, damage and other indications of integrity loss

  • Remote visual - Normally inaccessible or difficult to access areas may be accessed and examined using remote viewing equipment such as video probes, zoom cameras, crawlers, drones etc.

  • Translucent viewing of FRP or other suitable items


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