Many, if not most, companies with in-house NDT programs depend on the services of an outside agency for NDT Level III services. XCEL currently provides this service for a number of companies in several industrial sectors. NDT Written Practices in accordance with ASNT, AAR, NAS or NAVSEAS. NDT procedures in accordance with AAR, AWS, ASME, API, MIL-STDS OR DTLS, and other Codes and standards. Designated Level III for ASME Code shop compliance, Responsible Level III services for NAS or MIL-STD work. Let us help you navigate through the regulations you must adhere to and establish a compliant, working system. Call today!

XCEL can provide NDT Level III personnel to act as the “Level III of Record” or “Responsible NDT Level III” for a number of entities. Program administration includes oversight of selected portions or the entire NDT program for a client or facility to include but not limited to:

  • Determination of compliance drivers
  • Procedure requirements, development and maintenance

  • Personnel qualification, certification and performance review

  • M&TE management, calibration and control

  • Audits and oversight

  • Record-keeping


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