Per OSHA, employers are required to follow Appendix A §1910.134—Fit Testing Procedures (Mandatory), XCEL offers both qualitative and quantitative fit testing methods to meet your needs.

Quantitative Fit Testing

XCEL uses the PortaCount Pro apparatus for quantitative fit testing. This programmable computerized system allows for exposure-specific OSHA protocol exercise requirements to be met. The PortaCount Pro can be used in conjunction with any type of respirator with a tight-fitting face piece. Using a wide range of various adapters to fit most manufacturer's face pieces allows employees to be tested wearing their own respirator. PortaCount Pro incorporates a software package that facilitates data generation, evaluation, and archiving. The PortaCount Pro is widely accepted in the industry as "state-of-the-art."

Qualitative Fit Testing

Qualitative Fit testing is a subjective pass/fail test dependent on the subjective response from the respirator wearer. Types of qualitative fit testing agents are saccharin, bitrex, isoamyl acetate (banana oil), and irritant smoke. OSHA protocols for these tests must be strictly followed to comply with OSHA standards.

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