Fleet Driver Safety – Do you educate your drivers or do you train them?
XCEL's virtual HD system offers various educational advantages to your drivers thus SAVING lives!

XCEL recognizes that one of the greatest exposures to injury or even death for individuals is operating a motor vehicle. As a result, companies have a powerful incentive to optimize the safe driving culture among their employees. As individuals it is imperative to train our teen drivers since they represent, statistically, the most accident-prone segment of the driving population.

Safe Driving training is recommended for:

  • Teenage/New Drivers

  • Pre-Employment

  • Driver safety training for existing employees

  • Post-Accident training protocol

XCEL uses the Virtual HD system, a self-paced program that is tracked and managed by the InSight Management system. The InSight system tracks the progress of the candidate throughout the Virtual HD program using a robust reporting tool that is exportable to Excel and .pdf. InSight brings you the level of reporting you need, whenever you need it.

The course provides:

  • An effective deterrent to distracted and impaired driving

  • First-person consequence videos with real officers, judges and doctors

  • Real-time violation scoring

  • Proven to change destructive teen driving behavior

It consists of:

  • Sixteen lessons providing extensive instruction and practice

  • Real time violation tracking

  • Companion program for parents or supervisors

  • Unlimited free driving segments to build experience

  • Pre and Post assessment drives to demonstrate improved skills following course completion

  • State of the art reporting system


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