Stewart White

Q & A with Stewart White

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”  Stewart White, XCEL NDT’s Radiation Safety Director.  Stewart White didn’t just join the XCEL NDT team because he is Cole Morehead’s cousin, in fact, Stewart encouraged and was the primary reason Cole checked out Southeast Community College’s NDT program.  When Stewart joined the XCEL NDT team, he brought education, prior work experience, sedulous work ethic, and enthusiasm to the XCEL NDT team.  As you read Stewart’s interview below, Stewart’s desire for growth and his down to earth infectious personality are expressed. 

Question – What is your favorite part about your job?

Stewart – There are two parts of the job that I truly enjoy.  Both parts involve working in the field. 

Seeing the same clients on a repetitive basis and forming a relationship that turns into true friendships is one part that is great. 

The other part is the unknown of what the next job will be.  What state, what inspection, just gearing up for the next challenge is exciting.  It always tests my skill level and makes me feel appreciative of what I do after a hard days work.

Question – What sparked your interest in working in NDT (or the department you are in)?

Stewart – I didn’t know what I wanted to do but knew that I did not want to work behind a desk.  After touring Southeast Community College, I stumbled upon the NDT department.  After shadowing for a day, talking with family and SCC instructors, I enrolled that day.  I like a challenge and knew that NDT would challenge me daily.

Question – Going back to all jobs you have had in (or outside) the industry, what experience stands out the most?

Stewart – Any other company I have worked for, you are just a number.  At XCEL, everyone is involved because the management team is so transparent with everyone.  This allows for great interaction and everyone to be involved and feel like part of the team.

Question – When on the road, where/what restaurant is your favorite place to eat?

Stewart – Texas Roadhouse

Question – What is your favorite color?

Stewart – Green

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