President’s Letter

Good Day to Everybody!

     First off I hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy!  These times that we are all up against look drastically different then they did 365 days ago.  Last year at this time we were planning for one of the biggest years in our organization’s history, and this year we are up against one of the most volatile markets that not only our industry, but all industries have possibly ever seen.  I was extremely proud of how our overall team handled the booming market of last year, but to be honest the way that our team is currently handling one of the hardest times I have personally ever experienced makes me even prouder.  I have witnessed a team of individuals that I thought all got along well before, come together even more and step up to a challenge knowing that we are all in this together, and together we will come out of this down market better and stronger than ever.

     Now I have told most of you if not all of you by this point in time that I will never promise anything to anyone if I cannot deliver on that very promise.  In markets like the one we are currently in I find myself wanting to tell you all it is going to bounce back right away and that the hard days are behind us, but because of my policy on being as transparent as possible to you all I cannot tell you that the hard days are behind us.  There is no doubt that we are going to have to fight for every win we earn this year more than we ever have in the past.  That I can promise you.  I can also promise you that XCEL’s management team is working hard every day to secure the future of this company.  I promise you that if you believe it is going to all work out, and better days are coming, you will start to see opportunities that before maybe never would have presented themselves.  I can also guarantee that if you believe the opposite to be true, that we are not going to come out of these hard times, most likely every direction you look you are going to see nothing but obstacles that will appear to be bigger than life.  I am certain that the one thing that each and every one of us can control is our attitude and how we perceive our futures.  If you wake up looking for ways to win, most likely you will find them.  Conversely if you wake up in the morning looking for ways to fail,  you also will most likely find them…..

     Today I challenge you all to reflect upon yourselves to see how you are personally perceiving the current “down market” that is presenting itself to all Americans.  You may be surprised at how quickly things will turn around for you with a slight adjustment to your vision.

     As always thank you all for your time and commitment to this team.  It is an honor to be a part of it.  Please do not forget that if I personally could go out and handpick a team to take on today’s challenges with, that there would not be one person on this team I would replace.  I am 100% certain that I am on the team that is going to do amazing things!

Cole Morehead, President

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