Training and Education is a vital element within MSHA's mission. XCEL strives to provide the highest quality training. Contact us today to learn more!

MSHA requires all Part 48 “New Miners” to complete a 24 hour training class before being allowed entry into a surface coal mine. After one year, all miners are required to complete an 8 hour “Refresher” course annually. There are required subjects to be covered for both courses including Ground Control, Hazard Recognition, Electrical Hazards, Welding and Cutting, Hearing Conservation, etc.

MSHA requires miners eligible for Part 77 “Surface Certification” Initial training to complete a 2 day first aid and mining law course for the first year and a 1 day refresher course each year following.

There is a minimum of 2 years of experience in mining before a miner is eligible to become Surface Certified. Once initial training is completed MSHA requires additional training in Oxygen/Methane Deficiency, and a resume of the miners' experience to be submitted for review and approval by MSHA.  Once approval is granted, miners are required to take a test provided by MSHA and score a grade of 80 or higher to pass.

MSHA states that once certain decibels are reached, different levels of hearing protection are required and/or procedures followed when operating and working on or around certain machinery.  Crossbridge provides a noise survey service using dosimeters, and the data recorded will determine what level of hearing protection is needed and can be filed for reference.

Maintaining a safe work environment and jobsite is vital when working in a mine and with MSHA.  When found out of compliance, citations can be issued, jobs suspended, and even contracts terminated.  Crossbridge offers an additional service to perform inspections and observations of jobsites, machinery, facilities, night operations, and required documentation.

MSHA standard requires that each working area or jobsite be inspected and documented at least once every working shift or more often if necessary by a surface certified person. At Crossbridge, Surface Certified personnel are available for your jobsite upon request.

Respirable dust in coal mining has claimed thousands of lives due to Black Lung Disease, and various other health issues.  NIOSH and MSHA teamed up in recent years to better regulate and protect miners from dust exposure.  Crossbridge has MSHA certified personnel that can take samples at your jobsite to ensure miners are within the allowable parameters set by MSHA standards.

MSHA requires a 1 day (8 hour) refresher training for MSHA certified electricians annually.  In addition, MSHA requires that all jobsites and workplaces within the mines must submit all electrical equipment for monthly inspection to a MSHA certified electrician.  Once the equipment is inspected and approved, the electrician will provide written documentation of the inspection along with the inspectors name, MIN #, contact information, and copy of the electricians “White Card” to the Surface Certified personnel on that jobsite.  Crossbridge offers this service along with electrical repairs.

Federal law requires that all miners receive basic mine safety training and annual refresher training, and has produced many safety standards for the protection of life and prevention of injuries.  XCEL can assist you with Training and On-site services which include Surface Certified personnel, site safety observation and auditing, electrical inspections and repair, noise surveys, and respirable dust sampling.


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