Motorcycle Missions

October 5, Chad Gauthier, Crossbridge Compliance Rail Services Operation Manager, participated in an event dubbed Bring it Home 2019.  3497 Harley Riders from across the country rode their bikes through a 3.5 mile parade in Paris Texas which set a new Guinness World Record for continuous Harley-Davidson motorcycles in a parade.  Hellas Motorcycle Club of Patras, Greece had held the record with 2404 Harley-Davidsons making a 2.8 mile trip.  That record was set on May 22, 2010.

Paris Harley-Davidson and philanthropist Adam Sandoval organized the parade to raise money for Motorcycle Missions, a nonprofit that helps veterans and first responders with PTSD. The hopes of Motorcycle Missions is to encourage participants by instilling a life long passion for riding and building motorcycles.  They want to help them enjoy a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle after trauma.  The $15 per bike registration fee was donated entirely to the nonprofit, with over 3,400 pre-registrations. 

Gauthier said he sat in line for two hours before he could even enter the parade.  He said there was just a sea of motorcycles roughly 30 wide.  “It was just a really neat thing to be apart of and enjoy.”  Said Gathier.  Do view a clip of Bring it Home 2019, click

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