Grant Cain

Q & A with Grant Cain

Grant Cain is our Kansas City Operation Manager and is a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).  Driven to improve, Grant can see areas that need enhanced and he makes it happen.  He is a team player and aims to lift people up around him.  Read below to learn more about Grant.

Question – How is the industry changing and what is XCEL NDT doing to keep up with the changes?

Grant – The NDT industry seems to be always innovating and growing.  I think XCEL does a great job keeping up with the times and gives our technicians tools for the job at stake.  If we don’t keep up, we’ll be left behind playing catch up.

Question – What about XCEL NDT attracted you to the company?

Grant – When I first met Cole it didn’t take long for me to see his vision and passion for the industry.  Having the same values made it really easy to come on board.  Meeting the rest of the team back in Clifton for the first time just affirmed I was making the right decision.  Honesty, Integrity, hardworking, these are just a few words that describe the XCEL team.

Question – What’s your leadership philosophy?

Grant – I believe in treating everyone with respect no matter what title.  Having a conversation on our goals and intentions with each individual is essential.  If you have a team that shares the same vision, we can hold everyone accountable for falling short.  We all strive together, always working on our quality and efficiencies.  Bringing each other up instead of putting them down for their short comings.  When you build a team with those kinds of principles, you create a comradery with your team.  If you have an atmosphere like that it makes it really hard to want to leave.

Question – When on the road, where/what restaurant is your favorite place to eat?

Grant – If I’m in Greeley, Colorado I like to stop at Cattleman’s Steak House.  They probably grill one of the best steaks I’ve ever had.   I highly suggest it if you’re in the area.

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