Dillen Anderson

Q & A with Dillen Anderson

When asked how he got into NDT, Dillen responded, “A lot of luck!”  In May of 2011, Dillen and his wife suffered the devasting loss of their home to a tornado.  Three days later, their daughter was born.  ‘So that was some motivation to get things figured out real quick,’ said Anderson.  Luck have it, his parents had a company that supplied FR clothing and supplies to the oil and gas industry and through these connections, Dillen was able to get a job within a NDT company.  After a few years in the industry, Dillen came to work for XCEL NDT, and we feel fortunate to have gained such a strong leader.  Learn more about Dillen Anderson, McPherson Office Manager, below.

Question – How is the industry changing and what is XCEL NDT doing to keep up with the changes?

Dillen – I don’t believe the team at XCEL NDT is merely keeping up with the changes.  I believe that we are striving to drive the changes in this industry via better documentation and a higher level of quality in work that we produce as a company (through RT or any of the other forms of inspections we provide). Part of this company’s philosophy from day 1 has been to provide the highest possible quality in this industry segment, a goal in which we are XCEL-ing at!

Question – What is your favorite part about your job?

Dillen – Meeting or exceeding the client’s demands that they ask from us on a project.  Also meeting client’s tight schedules to keep their projects finishing on time is another favorite part of my job.

Question – What’s your leadership philosophy?

Dillen – Providing the technicians with the tools and knowledge they need to perform their duties at a quality level that any of our competitors cannot match. 

Question – When on the road, where/what restaurant is your favorite place to eat?

Dillen – You send me south to any town with a Whataburger and I am a happy camper.  The furthest north Whataburger I know of is Edmond, OK. 

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