Cameron Marshall

Q & A with Cameron Marshall

Cameron Marshall and Cole Morehead attended Southeast Community College at the same time.  After college, they worked for the same company briefly.  Their friendship and the tightness of the non-destructive training (NDT) industry kept these two in contact.  When XCEL NDT grew with a need for an Advanced Services Manager, Cameron’s intelligence and drive to grow within the industry were perfect qualities for the role. 

Read below to learn more about Cameron.

Question – How can XCEL NDT help prepare a new client for our NDT services?

Cameron – Having a conversation; providing open lines of communication; being willing to have as many face to face meetings as necessary for the client to share what they need and the issues they are having.  It is our responsibility to provide the client with services that offer solutions.

Question – What is your biggest challenge as a manager at XCEL NDT?

Cameron – Location of job sites in relation to where the team is located.  Much scheduling and thought goes into distributing the best man for the particular advanced inspection.  Maintaining a united team of guys that are rarely together also takes much communication on everyone’s part.

Question – What is your favorite part about your job?

Cameron – The people I work with are my favorite part.  I enjoy being surrounded by the right people for each inspection.  Meeting people from all aspects of the industry is also a fun environment.

Question – What’s your leadership philosophy?

Cameron – I come from a technical background.  With various ways to perform inspections, I have honed skills and want to lead by example. Any chance I get to offer hands on teaching – I take it.  We all always have something to learn from the experience.

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