Brandon McHaffie

Q & A with Brandon McHaffie

Brandon McHaffie, Operations Manager, is not only a team player, but a man that cares about people’s safety and the environment.  He does the right thing, even when no one is looking.  XCEL is lucky to have a couple of the McHaffie brothers.  “My brother had been working for XCEL for a little while and I kept hearing great things about the company.  Once I talked to Grant Cain, prior CO Office Manager, I knew the company would be a good fit,” said Brandon.  It is safe to say, Brandon joining the team was a  win-win.  Read below to learn more about Brandon.

Question – What do you think are pressing challenges in the NDE industry?

Brandon – The NDE industry deals with so many hazardous materials and I believe the lack of information known to people outside of the NDT industry about how potentially hazardous these materials really are is a very  pressing challenge.  It is difficult to enforce safety and expect others to abide by it when they  do not have a clear understanding of the risks involved.

Question – How can XCEL NDT help prepare a new client for our NDT services?

Brandon – I believe this goes with the above question …… Educating our clients about all the safety hazards on a job site so everyone is thinking along the same safety standards.  Communicate with the client the service we will provide and explain why they can’t cross the safety boundaries we establish. 

Clear communication and straight forward safety education keeps everyone on the same page.

Question – What about XCEL NDT attracted you to the company?

Brandon – I worked for several different large NDT companies and felt like a number.  When I heard about XCEL NDT and started to research the company more, I could see their employees actually mattered.  I wanted to work for a company where I could make a difference not only for the company, but for the NDT industry as a whole.

Question – What sparked your interest in working in NDT (or the department you are in)?

Brandon – Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is an industry that provides a safety service.  Everyday our job makes a difference.  NDT keeps people and the environment safe and I love that aspect of the industry.

Question – Going back to all jobs you have had in (or outside) the industry, what experience stands out the most?

Brandon – One in particular stands out with a prior company/client I worked for.  Basically, I was asked to perform a service for a large client that would not meet specific safety guidelines.  I was given an ultimatum to do the requested service or leave.  I left the jobsite that day knowing I was doing the right thing but concerned about the consequences.  Soon after, I was commended by my boss and others who had witnessed the event. 

What I learned is to always keep my integrity and do the right thing even when it is hard.  Our jobs effect not only environmental safety, but the safety of everyone. This is an example that I try to drive into my team; doing the right thing, no matter the consequences, in the end is ALWAYS the best option.

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