Barrett Winter

Q & A with Barrett Winter

Barrett Winter, XCEL NDT’s Minnesota and Iowa Operations Manager, is a local Clifton farm boy.  Raised to work hard and respect people, Barrett was brought on board because Cole Morehead knew he would make a spot for this type of kid.  Always willing to tackle any projects thrown his way, Barrett continues to hold true to his roots and always strives to exceed client expectations.  Read below to learn more about Barrett.

Question – How can XCEL NDT help prepare a new client for our NDT services?

Barrett – Having conversations about how our inspections can truly benefit a client, but also being honest and upfront about the limitations of different inspection methods.  Setting realistic expectations is key in developing long term trust and relationships.

Question – What about XCEL NDT attracted you to the company? 

Barrett – It was important to me that XCEL was a local company.  Clifton will always be home, and the connection XCEL has to the local community is something I have been proud of from day one.

Question – Going back to all jobs you have had in (or outside) the industry, what experience stands out the most? 

Barrett – The most memorable experiences for me have come with the locations NDT has taken me.  We get the opportunity to see a lot of places.  Regardless of where we go there is almost always something interesting or historical to add to the memory bank.

Question – When on the road, where/what restaurant is your favorite place to eat? 

Barrett – I typically ask the locals what the best place to eat is.  You can find great food off the beaten path if you build relationships with the locals.

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